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Unless you’re one of very few webmasters who only run their blogs for their own personal gratification or only for their friends and family to see, then you certainly understand the importance and challenges associated with traffic building. It is estimated that there are more than 250 Million active websites on the internet right now. That’s more than a quarter of million online real estates doing all they can to snatch as much of the internet’s traffic for themselves as possible.

Right amount as well as right quality of traffic can turn an internet enterprise of any size from money eating to money making. And let’s face it, unless you’re one of those few “rare breed of webmasters” who really only keep a website for themselves or those close to them, then you more likely than not really want to make some decent cash out of all that time and effort you put into your sites.

Money is much easier to make when your website has right traffic so when speaking about easy and free way to increase it, most webmasters listen twice as fast as anyone can speak. This being said, let me quit with all that introductory talk and get right down to business – introducing free plugin for WordPress that’s specifically formulated to intelligently assist in increasing traffic to your website through natural growth of backlinks generated by your visitors. Introducing Intelligent Traffic Generator Plugin for WordPress by Locoed Web Development.

Locoed Intelligent Traffic Generator Plugin for WordPress Generates Codes with Backlinks
Locoed Intelligent Traffic Generator Plugin for WordPress Generates Codes with Backlinks

Why Intelligent Traffic Generators Work

Iconic LOLCat website I Can Has Cheezburger is perhaps the best example of why intelligent traffic generators like the WordPress plugin I have developed work. skyrocketed from being an unknown, new blog into being one of the busiest and most recognizable WordPress powered blogs on the internet within months. Page Rank™ grew into numbers most webmasters dream of but never see and traffic of epic proportions kept rolling in from both search engines and popular high traffic forums and social networking sites (Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, etc.).

The secret to their success was a combination of witty content with a generated code that encouraged internet users to share the pictures they posted by just cutting and pasting the code. The code didn’t just contain a hotlink for the image to be displayed, but also a backlink pointing back to the post with desired anchor text. This instantly generated direct traffic to the website and also served as unlimited SERP booster. Used Intelligent Traffic Generators to Skyrocket Its Success Used Intelligent Traffic Generators to Skyrocket Its Success

Any webmaster wishing to grow traffic to their website would be smart not to miss out on the little trick that made (as well as many other website) a major success and a huge money maker. Think about it – many people who make it to your website would probably share your pictures on the forums they frequent or on their Facebook profile or their own blogs, but they don’t know if they can and even if they could, there is so much hassle involved in getting the URL of the image and turning it into workable code that they either give up, or put it off till later but later never comes. There is always something more important to do later and your site gets forgotten. By simply offering the visitors a reminder that the picture can be posted on their blogs and generating a code for them which they only need to copy and paste, you are encouraging them to do it, setting yourself on the way to gaining that backlink and you didn’t even have to move your finger.

How Does Intelligent Traffic Generator Plugin Work?

The Locoed Intelligent Traffic Generator Plugin checks whether your WordPress post has an embedded image in it and if there is one, it generates both HTML Code (for blogs) and BBCode (for Forums) so people who are reading that post can copy the code and share the image. Remember – internet users are very visual so pictures always get attention. Even if you make a post about something very general, such as a celebrity who cut her hair, there could be many internet users who would like to share the picture on a forum they are members of or their Facebook profile, etc. Give them a reminder that they could do it and make doing it easy for them and you will have greatly increased your chances of someone going ahead and sharing it along with the backlink that’s part of the generated code.

Because forums can be a source of great traffic and offer unrivalled exposure, I have enhanced the plugin with the ability to also generate BBCode, which is something that doesn’t offer but should not be missed out on. HTML code is useless to most forum users and forum users are far more likely to share pictures found on other people’s blogs than blog owners who could perceive yours as “competition”.

Intelligent Traffic Generator Plugin and Keyword Density

As a busy webmaster you are likely well aware of the importance of Keyword Density on the pages of your websites. However if you focus too much on stuffing your text with keyword phrases, the readability suffers and surfers won’t like your site. The Locoed Intelligent Traffic Generator Plugin for WordPress can help here too. Through the use of dynamic elements that are easy to integrate, you can add the title of your post, and/or the title tag of the image into the content area of your page increasing keyword density without compromising the readability of your text and without stepping over keyword stuffing line which when picked up by the search engines, could get your site penalized and result in SERP drop.

The Locoed Intelligent Traffic Generator Plugin fixes this issue and bypasses it in the most intelligent way, allowing you to increase your keyword density without anyone ever entertaining the possibility that you are keyword spamming. Extra keywords will appear right below your text but since they will be there as part of the generated code, to a human eye they will appear as an independent part of the page while to a search engine they will still be there as the content of the page continues on towards the comments.

How to Use The Locoed Intelligent Traffic Generator Plugin

This plugin works under WordPress blogging platform. Download the plugin from the link below and upload it into the /wp-content/plugins/ subdirectory of your blog (where all other plugins are) using an FTP program. The plugin consists of a single file named intelligent-traffic.php, it should be uploaded directly into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory as it won’t work correctly if you create a subfolder and place it in there instead.

Once uploaded, go to the admin panel of your WordPress blog and click on the Plugins button which is on the main menu (the one along the left side). Locate the Intelligent Traffic Generator plugin in the list of installed plugins and activate it by clicking on associated Activate button. The administration page for the plugin can be accessed by clicking the Intelligent Traffic button under Settings.

Setting Up Locoed Intelligent Traffic Generator Plugin

At present time, Locoed Intelligent Traffic Generator Plugin for WordPress allows you to set the size of text areas to fit your blog and to set what text should appear above the codes. Number of columns value is set to 25 by default, while number of rows value is set to 3. These will work reasonably well on most blogs but if you use a rather narrow theme, you might want to decrease the columns value or increase it if your theme is rather wide.

Intelligent Traffic Generator Plugin Settings Page Under WordPress
Intelligent Traffic Generator Plugin Settings Page Under WordPress

To customize text that will appear above your generated codes (to introduce the codes), you can either “hard wire” it to use the same text on each page, or use any (or both) of the dynamic elements I have incorporated into the plugin. They are Post Title and Image Title Tag.

Adding Post Title to Your Intelligent Traffic Generator

To increase keyword density by displaying your post title in the text that appears above the codes generated by the Intelligent Traffic Generator, add following string into your text:


Wherever this string appears in your text, it will be replaced in the post by the title of your post. For example, if you are writing a post titled “John Travolta Sporting New Moustache” and your “Customize Text to Go with Codes” section is set to:

Don’t forget to share this “%%post_title%%” picture on your blog or forum.

…then on your actual post page it will appear as the following text:

Don’t forget to share this “John Travolta Sporting New Moustache” picture on your blog or forum.

I used double quotes in an example above and they will be displayed as double quotes as only %%post_title%% will be replaced with the title, regardless of what characters appear directly before or directly after it.

If you really wish to keyword spam your blog, then you can use the string repeatedly in your generated text, but this is not advised as then you will be stepping over the line and could actually get yourself penalized for keyword stuffing.

Adding Image Title Tag to Your Intelligent Traffic Generator

Aside from Page Title, you can also add Image Title Tag to the text. Image Title Tag is what you assign to the image by using the Add an Image form – an internal WordPress feature. Image Title Tag is the text you see when you hover your mouse over an image. To display an Image Title Tag in your text, use the following string:


The use of this string will work in exactly the same way as described in the Post Title section above. You can use both Post Title and Image Title Tag at the same time. The plugin will automatically replace each instance of the string with the text they represent.

Image Title is a Mandatory Tag Under WordPress
Image Title is a Mandatory Tag Under WordPress

Intelligent Traffic Generator Plugin on Live Blogs

You can see Locoed Intelligent Traffic Generator Plugin being used on following live WordPress blogs:

Bandwidth Usage Concerns

I know what most of you are thinking right about now – if I use the Intelligent Traffic Generator Plugin and allow other webmasters or forums users to publish images I’m hosting on their websites, won’t it do me a disservice by increasing my server costs? Afterall, if I allow and encourage direct hotlinking, it will be me who’ll have to pick up the bandwidth bill.

This is a legitimate question and a legitimate concern. But consider this – have you ever enquired about how much money it costs and/or how much effort it takes to acquire a legitimate backlink? Webmasters spend thousands of dollars trying to increase their SERP and dedicate countless manhours to obtain legitimate backlinks to their websites.

If you do get your image hotlinked on a – let’s say – super busy forum, that could actually result in an extra charge for extra bandwidth usage by your webhost, but a link from a super busy forum would likely result in hundreds of new references many of which could click on your CPR ads or turn into subscribers bookmarking your site and a value of those cannot be enumerated. Those few extra bucks you may have to shell out for extra bandwidth burnt will likely result in increased revenue that will outgrow the extra cost many times over.

All successful webmasters know that extra exposure that could cost you a dollar in increased bandwidth costs, could result in ten dollars in increased revenue which is exactly what webmasters want. Furthermore, if you really want to see your website grow, you must be prepared to cover for the cost of a more powerful server that busy websites require. If you’re only willing to spend the amount of money the cheapest server space available mounts up to, then you’re not prepared to own a mega website and will likely never see yours grow into one.

WordPress Version Compatibility and Known Issues

Locoed Intelligent Traffic Generator Plugin is compatible with, and tested on WordPress 3.0.1. It was also tested to work on all previous versions of WordPress down to v2.3. I do not recommend using the plugin on any earlier version of WordPress and frankly, if you are a WordPress user, do yourself a favor and upgrade your blog to the latest, most stable and most secure version as soon as possible.

There are currently a few issues with the plugin I am aware of and will be addressed in future releases:

More Than One Picture in a Post

Plugin is programmed to check whether a post contains an image (attachment). If an attachment is found, it will generate and display the codes at the end of the post. However, the plugin can only generate a code for one image so if you upload more than one images to a post, it will pick a random one to use it for code generation. Future releases will have an option to choose whether you want to disable the codes from being generated for multi-image posts.

Future release of the plugin will also have the ability to disable the code from being displayed on single post pages, but will display it on attachment pages so multiple-image posts will have codes for each separate image, but not for the post with the gallery of images.

Download Intelligent Traffic Generator Plugin for WordPress

Are you ready to take your blog to the next level? If so, download the Locoed Intelligent Traffic Generator Plugin for WordPress by clicking on the banner below and use it.

This is my first WordPress plugin I have developed and is still in Beta phase. I welcome all feedback and suggestions. There are new features and improvements planned for the plugin so please stay tuned. I’m releasing this plugin as pre-release for Beta testing so remember – use at your own risk.

Download Intelligent Traffic Generator Plugin for WordPress


Locoed Intelligent Traffic Generator Plugin for WordPress is released under GPLv2 license.


This plugin is not a magic wand. It is meant to encourage the visitors to your website to create backlinks to your post by reminding them that they can post the image they see on their website, blog, forum, Facebook, etc. – and offering them an easy way to do it with just a few clicks of a button. However, the plugin can in no way guarantee the visitors will in fact do that. Using a compelling text to go with the codes would increase your chances of conversion, but most of all – unless what they see is engaging and captivating enough, they may not consider sharing the image with anyone. All the plugin does is encourage the visitors to do it, reminds them of how easy it is to do it and offers them a way to do it with zero hassle. If you look at the websites such as, you will see that a key to success is a combination of engaging content with this type of plugin. Now plugin is ready and available for your use for free. The rest is up to you.

Update August 2011

I’m taking part in an expedition that will take me off civilized world for 2 years. I will have no internet access and will not be able to offer any support or updates for this plugin. As new versions of WordPress are released, the plugin may become incompatible. Use at your own risk.

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17 thoughts on “Intelligent Traffic Generator Plugin for WordPress”

  1. First I want to thank the author of the plugin for the good work. It is a fantastic plugin.

    Not if you happen to more admin, but want to save changes to config tells me I have no permission.
    I am the sole administrator of the blog, with all permits and other plugin I have no problem.
    How I can fix it?


    P.D. Sorry my English, I’m Spanish

  2. Hello Fulmega,

    thank you for your feedback. This is caused when plugin is installed in a subdirectory and not directly in the root of /plugins/ directory where it is instructed to be.

    However it appears as though when plugin is installed directly from within admin’s interface using WP’s internal plugin installer, the subdirectory is automatically created and files are dumped in there.

    When manually installed and instructions followed, the issue would not exist. However now that I know the internal WP installer dumps files into a subfolder, I’m gonna modify the plugin and have it work from within a subdirectory to avoid this type of issues. An update will be available within an hour or so.

    Thank you a bunch for your feedback and headsup. This is very important and ensures that plugin works for everyone.


  3. This looks like a fantastic plugin, but how do I get it to appear?

    I’ve activated it, yet nothing is showing up. Is there a code I need to add to single.php for the boxes to show up?



  4. Code is inserted after the post automatically, no action on behalf of user is required. Perhaps you are using caching plugin that serves cached pages so you see what’s in the cache instead of what a dynamic page would look like?

    Or perhaps you’re looking at a page that contains no images. Remember, the plugin is only designed to generate codes for pages with attached images. If the page contains no attached images, or if the images it contains are hosted elsewhere (for example on free image hosts such as ImageShack or PhotoBucket), the code will not be generated.

  5. Hi,

    It’s a wonderful idea for backlink.
    But can u make it to give a option in the next release with only the Thumbnails to be copied?
    Bandwidth does really matters as my previous host suspended my account of shared hosting.


  6. Hello Marc,

    Is there a way to disable the plugin for specific pages?

    I want a home page with a number of clickable images for navigation but despite having multiple images on the page the plugin chooses one and displays at the bottom.

    I would like to use your plugin on my site but I cannot have it on the front page and at the moment I can only enable or diable it completely.

    Also it looks like if you have the Intelligent Traffic Generator display on one page, removing the picture doesn’t remove the ITG display.

    Thank you in advance


  7. I must agree with Olivier. I had to deactivate it because it was showing up on my home page. I also noticed, when I got rid of the image, it was still showing up so I had no choice but to deactivate it. I really would like to use this plugin so please let us know when the options are added…

  8. The plugin works great – I use the code when I want to show-off my photos on a forum. But I have multiple photos on each page of my blog so the plugin can’t be directed to the featured image. When is that update coming? Also, some control of image size would be great and being able to select individual pages for inclusion (shortcode?). I love it, but I want an update.
    Thanks, Jim

  9. You might want to pick better Web site examples. Imbecile Entertainment Blog has a Google page rank of 4 and Beer Steak News Blog has a Page rank of 2. Neither are impressive.

  10. Great plugin, still works well. The only very small issue I’ve noticed is the two boxes that contain the code to be copied seem far too close to the item below them.

    I’m using the official ShareThis plugin that adds social features at the bottom of every post/page. When I add an image to be copied in the body of a post, the two code boxes are virtually touching the ShareThis social icons. If I then enable the option to include credit back to you with a link back, this will then mess up the social icons below.

    I’m going to go into the source code today to fix it. Probably just need to add a bit of padding at the bottom or ‘clear’ the html with the css ‘clear:both’

    I’ll try and remember to post back here if this resolves the issue I’m having. Great idea for a plugin though!

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